Your Farang Perth partner should be able to keep you entertained with all the local varieties of entertainment. There will be all the regular activities he is used to taking part in that will be new for you. There will be many other activities and places to visit that he may not have previously tried but will now be fun with his new partner. There will be many things he has not done for years that will also take on new meaning with you at his side.

There will still be times when you are looking for something to replace the TV shows, Movies, etc that you miss from your home country. There is nothing here that closely resembles the Thai sometimes slapstick style of humor. Western humor tends to be a lot more serious...lol

Entertainment with a Thai flavor can be satisfied in a number of ways:-

Music CD's, VCD

DVD:- Most popular Thai TV serials, Sitcoms, Comedy Shows, Concerts, Movies and general interest video can be purchased very cheaply at a number of dedicated outlets around Perth. You will be surprised how recent some shows are.

Thai TV can also be picked up with a limited number of channels by purchasing a small satellite dish (you have seen them everywhere in Thailand) for a relatively low cost. You will also need the decoder unit (like a set-top box). These are available by word of mouth and or commercial outlets. Many people have set themselves up for a relatively small cost.

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