Religious Needs

Religious needs


Thai people are predominantly of the Buddhist belief.  The Buddhist faith is followed by many cultures and consequently, there are variations to practicing the faith. There are a number of Thai Temples in and around Perth.

Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre Operated by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia

The Theravadan Sangha of monks and nuns is not permitted to handle money and is entirely dependent upon alms food for their survival. It is widely considered to be karmically meritorious to support men and women living the Holy Life as a monk or nun. Anyone is invited to come along on a Saturday or Sunday morning with a plate of food at 10 am in the Community Hall to offer food to the resident sangha. After the food has been offered to the sangha, join the rest of the lay Buddhist community in a shared meal.

(Note: the food offerings occur on weekends outside of the annual Rains' Retreat period. From the full moon in July to the full moon in October, the monks and nuns reside in their monasteries to focus on their practice, and will not be present at Dhammaloka. You are welcome to offer food at either of the monasteries at 10 am each weekday. See the Bodhinyana and Dhammasara websites for more information.

We're located at 18-20 Nanson Way, Nollamara 6061  Western Australia


Buddhist Monastery Serpentine

Amidst the lush rolling hills of the Darling Range, near the small town of Serpentine in Western Australia, lies Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery. 20 huts which serve as monks' accommodation scatter over the 242 acres of the tranquil landscape. Clustered around the central area are the meditation hall, the kitchen/dining hall and 11 accommodations for angarikas and guests.

Bodhinyana monastery has come a long way since it's genesis on 1 Dec 1983. Named after the great teacher Ajahn Chah, Bodhinyana means the Wisdom of Enlightenment. With the help and support of the lay community, the monks built the entire monastery by themselves. It was a hard and arduous task but through patience and perseverance, the monks managed to establish a home beneath the trees and within nature.

Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso is the current abbot of Bodhinyana and the Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. Bodhinyana monastery provides an ideal environment of solitude and simplicity which is excellent for the Sangha who dedicate their lives to the practice and cultivation of virtue, meditation, and wisdom.

We are located at 216 Kingsbury Drive, Serpentine  6125, Serpentine, Western Australia


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