Services for Thai People

Services for Thai people


A list of services relating to all items like Immigration sites, Visa support sites etc

Newly arriving in Perth can be a bit challenging for somebody migrating to this country. You may be intending to stay here indefinitely or you may have an agreement to stay for a certain number of years before moving back to Thailand together. Many people have different needs. There are some very well documented formalities each Migrant is advised to fulfill as soon after arrival as possible. These will all be in a large envelope presented to you when you receive your initial Temporary Resident Visa. Included in this will be advice regarding:-

Health Care

Driving in Australia,

Eligibility for social security and social services,

Registering for Tax file number,

Enrollment for Adult Migrant English Program


Making a new life here means learning how to live in a different way and a different culture. While doing this most migrants have a need to satisfy their own cultural needs as well. Maintaining your own cultural needs means making friends with others from Thailand culture already here. It may mean finding places to buy Thai items to add that cultural flavor to the home. Wall hangings, statues, mats etc. The local Thai People you meet will already have spent time finding these things in and around Perth. Other items not available here they will have brought with them. You may have to put them on a shopping list for your next visit home.

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