Thai Calendar names

For months of the year you will notice three diferent suffixes in the Thai words.       
Months with "Khom"have 31 days, "Yon"have 30 days, "Pan"have 28 days...easy huh?

Months of the Year       
-khom               January     
goom-pa-pan                     February     
mee-na-khom                    March     
may-sa-yon                        April     
prud-sa-pa-khom               May     
mi-tu-na-yon                     June     
ga-ruk-ga-da-khom           July     
sing-ha-khom                    August     
gun-ya-yon                        September     
tu-la-khom                        October     
prud-sa-ji-ga-yon              November     
than-wa-khom                  December     

Try the next in this series once you get your head around some of these.....Perth Farang

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