Thai days of the week

In English the word "day" forms the last half of all our  day names. In Thai their equivalent word "wan" precedes each day name. 

Each day in Thai also has a auspicious colour and an astrological link.      


Day of the week         Days            Colour (in English)          (in Thai)             Astrological

ahtit                           Sunday               RED                           sii-daeng                     Sun

wan-jan                     Monday               YELLOW                      sii-leung                     Moon

wan-ankaan               Tuesday               PINK                          sii-chomphu                Saturn 

wan-peut                   Wednesday          GREEN                        sii-keow                     Pluto

wan-par-reu-hat        Thursday              ORANGE                      sii-som                       Mars 

wan-suk (soog)          Friday                  BLUE                           sii-faa                        Venus

wan-sao                    Saturday              PURPLE OR BLACK        sii-muang/sii-dam       Saturn again?



Units of measure      

Wan                  day

ahtit                  week    

Sao-Atit             weekend    

deun                  month    

bee                   year    


Try the next in this series once you get your head around some of these.....Perth Farang

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